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Jase H2G2

Career History

I was born on 4th August 1971, growing up in Stoke-on-Trent and attending Eaton Park Primary, Eaton Park Middle and Berryhill High Schools.

I went on to Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College to study Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry at 'A' Level. My interest in Physics took me to Staffordshire University where I recieved a BSc(Hons) Physics and Chemistry.

Whilst there I was part of a band, David S, that played in the area - most notably JBs in Dudley, where we were approached by a student to be recorded as part of his degree project. We spent several days in a studio in Sandwell having our music recorded using high quality studio equipment.

I began to record my own music around this time, using a four-track tape recorder, which allows the user to record each track separately. A friend and I recorded about an hour's worth of songs, mostly original compositions.

After University, the band split (as they always do) and I began working at Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College as a Physics Technician. Whilst there I trained to be a secondary school teacher, at the same time starting to work as a Teacher of IT on the College's Evening Programme, teaching CLAIT I (Computer Literacy and IT Level 1), IBT II (Integrated Business Technology Level 2) and Desktop Publishing Level 2.

During this time the Internet was beginning to take off, and I created my first web site in February 1997. This site still survives today, albeit souped up a bit, at MP3s of the music mentioned above can be downloaded here.

I have worked on both NT IIS and UNIX Apache webservers; the former is where the bulk of my experience lies.

Having decided that I didn't want to follow a career in teaching, I decided to move into the field of IT. At the Sixth Form College I was responsible for the highly-regarded Earth Sciences site on the College intranet, and undertook training in Windows NT and some self-study in Javascript and Active Server Pages.

The Web industry was becoming a secure field in which to work, so I persued jobs in this area. I was offered and accepted the post of Webmaster at Mid-Staffordshire General Hospitals Trust and commenced work there in September 2000.

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