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Jase H2G2

Portfolio of Sites

This is a hobby site, devoted to the unusual and arcane subject of historical television presentation. There are plenty of sites on this subject on the web, so this one focuses on the ATV and schools presentation corners of the subject.

sub-TV is a showcase of many of my web skills, as it contains DHTML menus, stylesheets, ASP, VBScript (within the ASP scripts) and Javascript. There is also an ASP site statistics package running on it.

The DHTML drop-down menus are available on any page, and one of the best examples of my Javascript programming is used on the reconstructed ATV clock.

A basic example of the use of forms and ASP to increase interactivity with the site can be found at the Ripple Tank page.


This is the Trust's pubilc site. There isn't very much on it at the moment, but web sites are never finished!

The site has been developed adhering to the NHS website guidelines so that it matches the NHS corporate image.

It includes a recruitment web application. Information is added to the Trust's intranet server, and is uploaded automatically to this public site, filtering jobs that are internal only.

Subject matter for the site, at the moment decided by me, was settled on by thinking what I would want to know about the hospitals if I was a member of the public who needed information. There is general information about the hospitals, interior maps, maps to show how to get to the hospitals, car parking details (where to park and how much it is) and contact details.

Mid-Staffordshire General Hospitals Trust

This site, for the Trust's private healthcare unit, was designed from existing information and solicited information, and again tells visitors what they need to know - location, prices and what to expect whilst at the clinic for treatment.

The site was intended to look upmarket, modern, relevant and yet still be functional - the first priority for a web site is to make accessing information on the site easy for visitors.

Stafford Clinic

Recently made over to replace an old design, this site concentrates on the various music projects I've been involved in over the years.


This site was designed for a colleague at the Trust. It is a simple site which shows what can be achieved given little time to complete the job. In fact, more time was devoted to the graphics than the web code itself.

Although built with time restrictions, it still uses CSS and SSI as these speed up web development once implemented.

Albrighton Tennis Club

This is a site for the Private Healthcare Association, which had to be redesigned from scratch as the company that designed it previously made it static and unscaleable.

Information can now be added to it much more quickly than before.

A members-only area is intended, which will run a database application for keeping members' information up to date.




Another site that should be mentioned is the Trust's intranet, which has taken up most of my efforts whilst there so far. Of course, this is not visible outside the Trust's network. However, it is highly regarded and well-used by the staff there.


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