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Jase H2G2

Technical Experience

In my current post I am solely responsible for the Trust's intranet and Internet web sites, along with the Trust's private healthcare unit's site.

The sites were built from scratch, and they use a variety of web design techniques:

  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • Javascript
  • Cascading Stylesheets
  • Connection to SQL Server and Access databases
  • Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

I am one of two technical advisors with the Direct Access Booking project, which allows GPs to book patients into the hospital for procedures over the Internet, and I deliver training to staff in the use of Email and the Internet. I also administer the electronic archiving of old paper documents.

I have written two major web applications for the Trust:

  1. A news application, that allows authenticated users to add news stories about their ward or department straight to the news index on the front page of the intranet without having to go via me.

    Each department's news is passworded, and each message is stamped with the login ID of the user that posted it for accountability purposes. Users can set an expiry date for the story, which will then automatically be removed from the list of news items once expired. Users can edit and delete news items as they wish.

    This improves the interactivity between the intranet and the users, and gives them some ownership over the information stored there.

  2. A jobs site, where the personnel department can add positions that arise whenever they like and those job advertisements are accessible immediately via the intranet. Jobs can be searched using a web form by the user, for example by keyword, salary and location. Closing dates are applied to each post and a job disappears from the list once the closing date has passed.

    Once again, the jobs advertised can be edited or deleted at will by the personnel department.

    The application is a vast improvement on the old system, which relied on a weekly email. Mistakes could not be rectified other than by other mails alerting staff to the error.

    Jobs are automatically uploaded to the public site on an hourly basis, but the public site does not display jobs for internal applicants only. The Personnel department has only to enter the job information once, and two websites are populated.

Future projects include a 'marketplace' where staff can advertise their second-hand goods for sale, and secure, accountable chat rooms.

Running on one of my sites, sub-TV, there is a site statistics package. This was adapted from code from an ASP site on the web (no point in re-inventing the wheel!).

Functionality added to this is being able to see how long a user was on-site for, and what they looked at whilst they were there.

Accessibility is borne in mind when sites are created; for example, font sizes set using CSS are relative (as opposed to absolute) so that the 'font size' function in Internet Explorer works. High contrasting colours are chosen where possible.

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